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The Marian Movement of Priests

We Come Humbly Serving & Believing

in God’s Word and Spirit, Following the

Mother of God as She Leads us to Her

Son Jesus, the Christ, and Messiah.


Welcome to Our Lady’s Mantle – the website for our companion free Newsletter covering Marian Events in the Archdiocese of Seattle under current Archbishop Paul Ettienne.

He follows AB Raymond Hunthausen, Thomas Murphy, Alexander Brunett and Peter Sartain leaders in the faith locally.


We Promote local and regional Cenacles of Prayer to Support Our Priests in their sublime vocation.

We offer retreats + days of recollection , literature an guidance to start your own prayer group.

Regional Cenacles have a Mass and offers guests Confession and installation in the Brown Scapular

with a Book Selection and Refreshments afterwards.

Please check our Schedule and Bring Someone Along to our spiritual gathering. All are Invited!

Family and Children’s Cenacles are enouraged.


The OLM Newsletter is FREE, but we appreciate a good will offering to offset the $2,000 cost of printing and bulk mailing of 6,100 copies, covering the Archdiocesan Priest’s Stipend of $100 per each weekday Mass, the Priest’s travel expenses, and our refreshments.

Our Lady covering Her Carmelites under Her Mantle of Protection
Dominicans under Our Lady's Mantle of Protection