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Our Lady’s Mantle Newsletter is free,

but a Good –Will Offering is necessary to defray the cost of printing, mailing and cover

the $100 Archdiocesan Stipend for Priests to say each Holy Mass.

   St. Catherine of Sienna and her   

  Dominican Sisters in complete

   safety under Our Lady’s Mantle

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel shielding Her Carmelites under her Mantle

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Welcome to Our Lady’s Mantle - the website for our companion free Newsletter covering Marian Events in the Archdiocese of Seattle under Archbishop Alexander J. Brunett.


We promote Home and Regional Cenacles of Prayer To Support Our Priests in their sublime vocation.


We offer Retreats and Days of Recollection, literature and guidance to start your own prayer group.


 Regional Cenacles have a Mass and offer guests Confessions and Installation in the Brown Scapular with a Book Sale and Refreshments afterwards.


Please check our schedule - and Bring Someone Along to our spiritual gathering!   All are invited!


 Family and Children’s Cenacles are encouraged.



 Our Lady’s Mantle

P.O. Box 77788

Seattle, WA 98177


(206) 526-6860  Paul Sutlovich

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